Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a very happy 2013.  It is a time of the year that we reflect on the previous year and anticipate the new one.  Even though I'm not making any resolutions this year, I certainly know the areas of my life that I want to improve in. 

I know that I will continuing painting.  It is such a joy to me to find a subject that excites me, to plan the composition, to start loose and then begin to define my panting and then to see it develop a life of it's own.  It can also be quite a challenge as I am finding with my current painting!  I am passionate about my painting sometimes I feel a bit obsessed.

I sincerely hope that art sales improve this year for myself and all the other artists out there. 

I am going to make some changes with my blog.  I have some ideas in the back of my mind but haven't put them together yet.  I feel that I have been doing things the same way and it's getting a little stale.  It's time to refresh it!

I have to redo my website.  It is so old and it needs to be reborn.  I just haven't figured out whether to get it done professionally or to attempt to do it myself. 

I will be teaching only three classes a week this year.  The two classes that I am teaching at the Art Studio are going very well and I'm going to teach a beginning class at the Adult Learning Center.  I will still be doing some shows but I'm going to pick and choose them a little more carefully than before.  I just really need to slow down a little bit.  And that is something I just don't know how to do!

Happy New Year to all my family and friends.  I hope you have health and happiness and that you can continue your lives filled with a passion for something that brings you joy.