Monday, May 12, 2014

Suzanna Winton's Workshop

This is Suzanna Winton demonstrating painting a portrait of a cute little girl.  I brought her to town to do a four day workshop with the assistance of three other painters.  It was my first experience running a workshop and I must say that it went well.  I must thank my three partners Denise, Jackie and Julie as well a few helpers Mary, Joyce and Dory for putting forth the effort to make everything go smooth as it did.  I need to thank Suzanna as well for her part as a wonderful teacher with a very easy going way.

Each day we worked on a different painting. Suzanna presented the panting demos and inspired us to paint our hearts out.  It was so much fun as well as very informative.  I gathered so much information and it's still in my head ready to be sorted out and utilized.

I really enjoyed the workshop.  I had been a little nervous about how it would go but all the pieces just came together on their own.

I am basically a realistic painter.  I've had success in painting abstract backgrounds and really enjoy creating them.  I have also taken workshops with artists and tryed to "loosen up" but I've only had limited sucesses.
Usually when I try and paint loosely I come out with a painting that looks "sloppy".

 2013 was a very bad year for my family and it took an emotional toll on me. I have been still processing the grief of the losses.  I have been struggling with my painting and I feel like it hasn't been able to develop the way it should.  I keep trying to do new things, try new styles, painting different things and they have all left me frustrated.  But in Suzanna's workshop I felt that I came alive a little bit and felt the muse inside me inspiring me to paint.  I need to learn how to paint the way I'm inclined to paint and not the way I think I should paint.  I need to loosen up mentally rather than dwelling on painting more loosely.  Then I can find the freedom to express myself more fully.

I feel that I have been taking tiny steps on my journey and that I'm on the verge of taking great strides that will hopefully get me closer to my goals.  And then I will have new goals that I will continue to strive to reach!