Monday, May 24, 2010

Autumn Trees

I recently painted this picture of Autumn Trees. I may be a little off season but I really like the bright fall colors. I did this painting with watercolor and watercolor crayons. I put the crayons through the crayon sharpener and then sprinkled them across the painting. Then I touched them with a wet brush and watched them melt into the beautiful colors of fall foliage. It was a fun little painting to do and I will certainly explore it again.
I have completed my five weeks in a row of art shows. I am tired but excited about having more time to paint. I have many good ideas for new paintings and future shows to put them in.
Today I'm going to go to hang an art show for my students at Great Neck Rec Center. I'm expecting it to be great. Check out the info on the top of this page and if you're in the neighborhood stop in to see us.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Crab

Well so much has happened since my last post. On Friday I received a call to be in the Stockley Gardens Art Show. I had applied and was put on the waiting list. I was already in show mode so I was ready to go. It was a great show and I sold 4 paintings. Including Blue Crab, Koi 3, Multicolored Magnolia 2 and Trees on the River. I cannot believe that I sold the Koi painting so quickly. Two of the paintings that I sold were going to show at Pembroke 4 Gallery starting July 23rd. Of course I knew they might sell if I put them in a show.

After the show this weekend I need to get back into painting mode. I really cannot wait to start my days painting again. I really miss that. It is meditative. Recently I've been so busy with Art Shows that painting time is scarce. It will be a nice place to go back to for a while.

Next year I'm planning on picking and choosing my Art Shows a little more carefully. I want to do less shows and be able to keep on painting. Now I only have to listen to myself.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oak Tree

I painted this Oak Tree with the memory of my mother in the back of my mind. And I wished her a Happy Mother's Day from my booth at the Gosport Art Festival. This year Mother's Day was sad again but not as bad as last year. I still miss her and when certian things come up I say to myself, I need to remember to tell my mom. Then I realize that just thinking it sends the mesage to her as she watches over me. She is the Oak Tree that we have come from and her roots help keep us strong while her branches allow us to dance in the wind.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I really feel like I've been out of touch so to speak. I have been so busy getting ready and doing art shows that I hardly have time for making art and communicating with you about it!

This is my recent Seahorse painting. I like him, I think he's cute but I think the background jumps out at you more than the subtlety of the seahorse himself.

This coming weekend is the Gosport Art Show in Old Towne Portsmouth. There is so much exciting art and art events that take place in that location. I seem to fit right in. So if you are available come on down this weekend and check it out. I'm on the same block at the Commodore Theater. It will be alot of fun.