Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two Pears

These Two Pears are done in watercolor and watercolor pencil. I started them as a demo for a watercolor pencil class. Then I used them as a demonstration for my Mixed Media class that I am now teaching.

There are three basic ways of using watercolor pencils. First you can use them like watercolors by "scribbling" some pencil on some scratch paper and putting a wet brush into it and voila you can paint with it like it was watercolors. The second way is by using them like watercolor pencils. You can draw on your watercolor paper and then apply a wet brush to it and it miraculously turns into a watercolory substance. You can also dip your pencil into water and then draw with a solid watercolor or wet your paper first and mark it with the pencil and see it melt onto the page. The third way of using them is to use them like a regular dry colored pencil. This is good for putting detail on a painting as the finishing touches. Finally a fun trick with watercolor pencils is to spatter them onto wet paper or paint with a nail file.

They are alot of fun to use and they travel well. I often use them with a Niji brush which holds water and a notebook on the go! If you haven't used them yet, give them a try. I think you will enjoy them.

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