Sunday, April 11, 2010

La Quinta California

This is the walk up the cove near my daughters home in La Quinta. I just spent a week visiting her and every morning I walked about a mile up the cove and then a mile back down. My daughters walked the paths through the foothills of the mountains.

As you can see the terrain is different on each side of the street. On the left everything is dry like the desert and on the right in the neighborhood everything is green and alive. This is because it hardly ever rains in the desert but the grounds around the homes are well watered.

There are mountains surrounding her home and there is only one way to drive in. The abundance of palm trees grace the streets and I was fascinated by the flowering cactus. The plants were growing to the sunny sky on perfectly clear days.

As I walked I could feel the energy of the plants living and breathing. I could feel the movement within them. It was like a meditation of the nature of life.


meera said...

that looks and sounds so magnificent -- your description makes me want to visit there!!!

Kathy Staicer said...

It is very beautiful. Palm Springs is right around the corner. I hope you get to go someday.