Monday, May 24, 2010

Autumn Trees

I recently painted this picture of Autumn Trees. I may be a little off season but I really like the bright fall colors. I did this painting with watercolor and watercolor crayons. I put the crayons through the crayon sharpener and then sprinkled them across the painting. Then I touched them with a wet brush and watched them melt into the beautiful colors of fall foliage. It was a fun little painting to do and I will certainly explore it again.
I have completed my five weeks in a row of art shows. I am tired but excited about having more time to paint. I have many good ideas for new paintings and future shows to put them in.
Today I'm going to go to hang an art show for my students at Great Neck Rec Center. I'm expecting it to be great. Check out the info on the top of this page and if you're in the neighborhood stop in to see us.


meera said...

This is beautiful --thanks for writing about the technique--I have not yet tried watercolor crayons and am now eager to do so! BTW --I like you blue crab too - wonderfully proves less is more :)

Kathy Staicer said...

I love exploring new techniques and media to mix with my watercolors. It's part of what makes watercolor painting so much fun. Thank you for your comments.

Beth Fox said...

Very nice, Kathy. Looks fun!