Monday, May 16, 2011


Here are my three Succulents.
I framed them together. I really enjoyed painting them. They went so smoothly from beginning to end. And you know I love the colors!

I need to find other subjects to paint that give me as much pleasure as these did. I have been trying to paint subjects for the coming up art shows without much success. I have been dealing with some personal health issues that will become problematic in the future. It has taken so much out of me. I just want to paint for the fun of it right now!


meera said...

Me too - love the colors!!! All three are beautiful! And I am very sorry to hear you are having health issues --I wish you better days soon.

Diana said...

HI Kathy, I'm sorry to hear you are having health problems, I hope you feel better. I love your cactus. they are soothing to look at , my favorite is the middle and I know they look great framed together. I know what you mean about painting something fun. One thing I love to paint for fun is radishes -- usually from the grocery store. The colors and shapes. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope things are much better. a hug to you,Diana

Kathy Staicer said...

Hi Meera and Diana,
Thank you so much for your complements. I really enjoyed painting them.
I also appreciate your concern over my health issues.