Saturday, September 25, 2010

White Lily WIP

This is the first stage of painting a white lily that we are working on in my Watercolor Class at the Classroom in the Art Space in Pembroke Mall. I am changing the day of the class to Saturday on October 2nd. It will be from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. I will have a class on every Saturday in October except for October 16th as I will be at the Stockley Garden Art Show that weekend.

Tomorrow Sunday September 26th, I will be at the monthly Open House for the Art Space and I will be demonstrating the White Lily as well as a large painting that I'm working on for Stockley Gardens.

I have just moved many of my paintings into Artistic Creations also at the Art Space at Pembroke Mall. I will be painting there Saturday afternoons after the art class.

The white lily is a study in painting white. I have begun by putting in very "light" colors to shape the flower. Tomorrow I will put in some slightly darker colors into the flower and start working on the stem, bud, leaves as well as the stamens. Then, in the next class, I will put in the background in a significantly darker color mixture that will make the white flower pop. The final step will be to add a little bit of white gouache to capture some of the details.

I really want to work on painting it now and can hardly wait to paint it! But I need to wait until tomorrow or else I'll have to paint another!

Hope that I'll see some of you in the near future.


meera said...

I like the sketch and the beginnings --looking very delicate :)

Kathy Staicer said...

Thanks Meera. I'll be posting it as it comes along. (Hopefully I don't ruin it!)

Diana said...

Hey, Kathy, the lily is lovely, beautiful sketch and gonna be a knockout. Diana-- How do you do so much with all the shows and classes! Wow that is so great.. I get so wiped out after one!!!! keep going!

Kathy Staicer said...

Thanks about the lily I do have another picture of it to post but I'm too tired to do it today!!!

Beth Fox said...

I always love the beginning stages of paintings - the delicate beginnings of shapes and colores, light and almost ethereal. Holds so much anticipation! Looks like a great beginning, Kathy. Beth