Friday, October 1, 2010

White Lily WIP 2

I worked on the White Lily last Sunday at the Artistic Creations classroom but then I forgot to photo the painting at that stage. So here is the next stage.
The leaves still need another layer or two. I think that the colors will work together a little better then. And I'm not sure about the background. I think I might need to make a mid-ground or maybe I just need to make it darker. Then I need to finish up the details and shadows as well as cleaning it up. I'm pretty happy with the Lily itself except it looks like it's floating a little bit. And it is looking almost white isn't it?
I have to get working on it some more as well a working on my large painting for Stockley Gardens.
I'm putting in my first full week of teaching and I'm really feeling exhausted. But I will get back in the groove once I get used to the schedule. (This also means going to sleep earlier to get up in the am!)


meera said...

Yes indeed, it is coming along beautifully! Looking forward to seeing it in its full glory :) Great job so far!

Diana said...

Kathy your lily is beautiful.. so graceful, I love the way you captured the shape and grace of the flower.. can't wait to see the finished painting. rest up this weekend.. take care, Diana

Kathy Staicer said...

Thank you so much Meera and Diana. You are both so kind with your encouraging comments.