Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santas Stocking and Suzanna Winton

I was in the Santa's Stocking show this past weekend. It is a holiday arts and crafts show and it was alot of fun as usual. I painted this poinsettia last year and I took it out for the show. It is certainly festive for the season.

At Art of the Carolinas I took a portrait painting class with Suzanna Winton. It was a great class and it really has inspired me to start working on my portraits again. I really liked her as a person as well as a teacher. She is very down to earth and easy going. She presented the material very clearly, answered questions, gave encouragement and feedback as needed. The one thing I really liked about her is that she gave advise on how to do things and what colors to use but encouraged the students to find the best way for themselves. This is something I try to do in my classes. I believe it helps students to develop their own style. I understand that teachers can only teach from their own experience but I dislike being told that things need to be done the exact way the teacher says. Wouldn't doing things just like an instructor make you into an imitator of the art the teacher is presenting? How can you develop into an artist if you are simply reproducing someone elses paintings?

Today I have been working on the portrait we started in class and I have been in heaven. I think I am finding my new direction!


meera said...

The poinsettia looks festive for sure! -great colors and texture. I agree - we have to paint our own style. I decided to stay away from taking classes for a while now to figure out my style and direction. I like to learn the techniques but try to give / find my own twist --so its going to be a loong meandering journey for sure :) And I wish you happy travels too as you discover yourself :)))

Diana said...

HI Kathy, I agree when I teach I show them how I do it explain my colors, but if they want to try a different way I'm fine with that. They're developing their own style and finding what they like. You are so right. I find it a shame when the teacher limits her students to only her way.You are a good teacher!Your poinsettia is beautiful. looking forward to seeing your portrait. Diana

Kathy Staicer said...

Thank you for your support. I had stopped taking classes for a while for the same reasons. (Plus the fact that I was just too busy!!!) I had planned on going back but have decided not to. But I would like to take some more workshops with Suzanna Winton.
This is such an exciting journey we are on!

Kathy Staicer said...

Thanks Diana. You are so kind. I understand that a teacher wants to teach the techniuqes, colors, supplies they use and style of painting that they have learned over the years. But the info needs to be presented in a way that encourages the students to explore their own learning process.