Monday, May 11, 2009

Gosport Art Festival

Being in the Gosport Art Festival was a great experience. We were fortunate with the weather. It was very hot and windy on Saturday but alas it did not rain. Then Sunday, Mother's Day, was exquisite, warm and sunny with gentle breezes. A tribute to my mom and everyone elses.

The setting was beautiful. Olde Town Portsmouth. Historic buildings with cobblestone sidewalks and beautiful gardens with climbing rose bushes. I was in front of the famous Commodore Theater. During the weekend I often wished I was there to paint as the scenery was so magnificent.

I also was inspired to capture the sun going through a woman's straw hat and gently landing on her shoulders and chest.

Communication is a large part of creating art. I feel that it is like breathing in and breathing out. Taking things in from the world and processing them and then expressing them in your form of art. Your art is a part of your inner self that you are giving back to the world to experience.

I am very thankful for all the compliments and comments shared with me by the viewers of my art work and I enjoy conversing with them. It is a form of recognition for the work I have done. When someone buys a piece of art it is the ultimate compliment. And I am very thankful.

Some of the artists did very well with sales and others did not. This varies from show to show. One artist may do very well in one venue and another in a different setting. We all know this but when we do not do well with our sales, we are more than just disappointed we feel that our art has not been accepted by the viewers. Then we are taken by surprise with a comment or a sale that takes our breath away. It is part of the cycle of our art.

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Anonymous said...

Kathy - I believe the tricks are plastic wrap texturing, spattering and gouache. Thanks, Larry Goff