Friday, May 22, 2009

Ocean Wave

Here is my painting of an Ocean Wave that is hanging in the Gallery at East Beach with the CBAA's spring show.

This is a simple painting that I did relatively quickly. I enjoy the movement and the power of it. And of course the colors. It was alot of fun to paint.

I am a color painter. I work hard and try to be a value painter but my use of colors comes naturally, without any effort. My color usage almost always dominates my paintings. Sometimes I limit the colors I use in a painting like I did in this one. I love to mix my colors and come up with all the possible variations. When I look at paintings I am usually effected by the color usage immediately after the subject matter. The use of color really says alot about a painting. It conveys mood, temperature and message as well as the overall feeling of the painting. The use of color is alot of fun.

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