Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have said goodbye to my Koi. I sold it and even though that makes me very happy, I am still a little sad. I mailed it out to a very nice woman that I met on Facebook and I'm sure she will take good care of them.

Now I have to paint another large painting and I'm stressing out over it. I would like to have it done and framed by the end of the month so I can put it in the Seawall Art Festival. (Check my listing of Art Shows.)

I have had a couple of ideas and have not been able to decide on which to pursue. I have been taking photos and pulling pictures, drawing possible sketches and playing with different media but have not come up with a decision yet. I go back and forth between something that is relatively easy and would not give me a hard time to produce. (This is due to my limited time frame.) Then I feel that it needs to be really special and I have some ideas but do not know whether or not they will work out.

I like it much better when I see something and know I need to paint it. I know what media and size and colors I want it to be. And then I sit down to paint and I'm immediately in the zone and the painting just flows off the brush for me. Like when I painted the Koi!

I sure hope that my muse visits me tonight as I need to start the painting tomorrow.


meera said...

congratulations! That is a beautiful painting full of energy and colors!

Kathy Staicer said...

Thanks Meera. But I do miss it and need to replace it for the Seawall Art Festival! The pressure is on.