Monday, August 3, 2009

Water Lily

Here is one of my recent paintings. I really feel as if this painting (and others that I've recently done) is representative of my developing style. I feel like I am starting to go in a specific direction rather that exploring many avenues. This is like an awakening in my art. Awakening to a path that I am to follow. I feel that it will take me to wonderful places and that I will enjoy the journey.

I really enjoyed working with the colors and the values while doing this painting. There are so many layers of colors on the leaves and in the background. I love the colors in the leaves, how you can see the yellows and greens through the blues. I also love the little bit of red on the sides of the leaves. The background is a very dark color but you can still see through the transparency of the colors. That's one of the things I just love about watercolors. You can continue to see through it no matter how many layers of paint you use. Then there is the delicate flower...

I feel that I have reached new places with the development of my values and I am exploring the use of my colors in new ways. I really feel that I am on my way to new places with my painting.


meera said...

congratulations! I can 'read' your excitement!

Kathy Staicer said...

Yes this is a very exciting time for me.